Livin' The Lofty Life

Our Lofty Lizard brand is elevated in spirit yet down to earth. A perfect day is dipping our toes in the warm sand while kicking back and relaxing under a Royal palm tree. The wind is always warm, salty and comforting. Our Lofty Life is all about family & friends, building lasting memories and making our little wedge of paradise a better place for all. By living the Lofty Life, you ditch the “mainland attitude” and live responsibly and sustainably. We scrap all the labels and let our minds grow and enjoy the simplistic beauty our world has to offer.

How do you get into the Lofty Life?

1. We do not own slippers as we have ‘house flip flops’ and ‘other flip flops’.
2. Stop and enjoy a sunset!
3. Go relax outside with a good book.
4. Conserve. Leave your piece of paradise better than when you found it. Your children will thank you.
5. Shop responsibly. Buy domestic and sustainably produced products.
6. Make great memories with your friends and family!
7. Adjust your sails and head for warmer climates. If you’re not able to, don’t worry! Turn the heat up to 90 degrees, put your flip flops on and make a tasty mojito. Get into the Lofty state of mind!
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